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Eggleston Equine Health Plans

Eggleston Equine offers two "health plans" to our clients. These plans are bundled sets of preventive medicine services offered at a discount. You may read more information below. Please email us at if you are interested in signing up for a plan or to get more information (including pricing).

Core Plan:

This plan is designed to cover the core preventative veterinary care for your horse. This plan includes the core vaccinations for your horse in the New England area, an annual oral examination and dentistry (floating), and an annual wellness exam (including physical & ophthalmic examinations and nutritional and other consultation). The plan also includes an annual fecal, the wormer your horse should need for the year, and consultation on your horse's or barn's parasite program. If you have a horse, this is the essential care you need!

Core Plus Plan:

This plan includes everything in the Core Plan and adds twice yearly vaccination for Influenza and Rhinopneumonitis (commonly known as Flu/Rhino), Coggins testing, and routine baseline bloodwork for your horse (Complete Blood Count (CBC) & Chemistry Screen laboratory tests). This plan includes the essential care of the Core Plan and adds important vaccinations and laboratory tests. For the majority of horses in our practice, this plan is a great choice. It represents the best value we offer!


What’s Included in the Health Plans?

                                                                  Core Plan              Core Plus Plan
Rabies                                                         1                               1
EWT/WN                                                    1                               1
Flu                                                                                                2
Rhino                                                                                            2


Fecal Egg Count                                       1                               1
Wormer                                                      2                               2
Parasite Program Consultation                1                               1


Laboratory Testing
Coggins Test                                                                               1
Routine Baseline Bloodwork                                                     1
(CBC & Chemistry Screen) 


Examinations, Dentistry, Consultation

Routine Oral Examination &                     1                               1
Dentistry (including teeth
“floating” under sedation)

Annual Physical Examination                    1                               1
& Consultation (physical & 
ophthalmic exams, wellness, nutritional and other consultation)

Oral Examination & Dentistry

A note about the oral exam and dentistry that is part of these plans. If you already have had your horse's teeth floated, you still qualify for these health plans. We will perform a complete oral examination (under sedative) as part of these health plans. The oral exam will look for dental pathology (loose teeth, broken teeth, periodontal disease, etc.) The exam will also serve as a “checkup” of the previous dentistry work to make sure your horse's mouth is still free of sharp points, hooks, waves, etc. and is as healthy as it can be.

Farm Calls

All your farm calls are discounted 10% when you sign your horse up for a health plan. This discount applies to any appointment for the enrolled horse during the year.


Payment for the Core plan is due in full when you sign up for the plan.  The Core Plus plan may be paid in 2 installments. The first payment for half the amount of the plan is due at the time of enrollment. The second payment is due by March 31st, 2024. If you elect to make 2 payments for the Core Plus plan, the 2nd payment will be charged automatically on March 31st, to the credit card used when making the first payment. The Core Plus plan may be paid for in full at the time of enrollment.



You must enroll in a health plan prior to March 31st. 

Other Terms & Conditions

All services must be performed in the same calendar year of your enrollment. There is no carryover of services to the following year. If all services that are part of your selected plan are not utilized during that year, there is no refund or substitution.

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